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What People are saying about Laura and Logan


Bowen Therapy is such a gentle art and Logan gives treatments that always have profound results. Where doctors failed to help my crippling back pain, this therapist has been amazing. I can rely on him to get me back on track every time I’m in pain. Can’t recommend him enough. Healing hands,

Misha Rodriguez


Laura and Logan are experienced Bowen therapists. I recently had Bowen treatment from Laura on the upper arm and shoulder pain. I felt pain relief for the first time and my movement has improved immensely. I would highly recommend both therapists. I always feel like my body is correcting itself positively after Bowen. I will be booking more sessions. Wonderful people and always in safe hands.

Jackie Young


I saw Laura for treatment on my painful sprained knee and a back problem. It took Laura just 3 sessions to put my sprained knee right and help me with my back problem.  I strongly recommend Laura, she is very dedicated to helping her patients. She also gave me and my husband  plenty of aftercare advice.

Ella Sosnowska


I suffered from back pain for more than 9 years and was recommended surgery. Being desperate, I decided to try something different and asked Laura to help. Only a few sessions improved my life quality, I am not afraid to fall and not to be able to get up any more. It's pleasant and it's working like magic.

Natalya Lebedeko


Following an operation I did not exactly bounce back to my previous health but found even a year later, I was struggling. My yoga teacher recommended Laura Finch, however, I had not heard of the Bowen Technique but, luckily, trusted in the recommendation. Laura has a calm, caring and reassuring manner and took the time to listen and understand my situation. The holistic approach and skill in identifying the real problem meant that I am now on the road to recovery. I am feeling positive mentally knowing the root of the problem, and physically I am going from strength to strength, even my hip pain (a side issue) has been alleviated. Thank you, Laura! Excellent therapist and person.

Justin Case


Laura was recommended to me by a dear sister of mine so I was really excited to experience Bowen Therapy. Laura has such wonderful energy so I immediately connected with her. During my first session, I felt so relaxed that I almost fell asleep. My energy felt very light and that night I had the most amazing sleep. In the following days weeks I could feel some kind of adjustments happening to my body. I had more energy and the previous issues in my knee, hip and shoulder had lessened. I had a second session that was much deeper and again I could feel something positive happening with my body. I have one final session this week so looking forward to that too as it seems to get better and better. Thank you Laura

Audrey Ellis


One of the most experienced and knowledgeable professionals I have ever come across. She has turned my life around. Back pain is a thing of the past after a session with Laura. Highly recommend.

Samantha Schmidt


Laura was very professional and eased my pain immediately then over the next few days I was walking without any. Fantastic results I am thankful for Laura’s help and have recommended her to others. I am now pain free.

Phil Rynhart


Laura is a super kind, thorough practitioner who takes the time to listen. I sought out Bowen Therapy due to issues related to Long Covid including inflammation & chronic pain. It has helped reduce my symptom severity immensely. Thanks Laura!

Katy Allinson


Laura was very calming. She made me feel very relaxed and helped with ongoing problems.

Rachael H


Highly recommended. Laura sorted out my sciatica after months of excruciating pain.

Lorraine McNeill


I had two Bowen sessions with Laura for a neck and shoulder problem.  I am now pain free and have good mobility in my arm and shoulder again.  Laura us a fantastic therapist.

Francis Bunting

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